A Salute to Parent Volunteers

Earlier this week I stopped by the house of one of the new Booster officers for Patriot HS.  I wasn’t surprised to find that both he and his wife were up at Patriot HS that evening for a meeting.  These same parents were dedicated volunteers at BDHS so I know that Patriot boosters will benefit from those experienced hands.  The former Battlefield and Brentsville parents have really come together to make sure students will have a terrific high school experience.    At Patriot ribbon cutting, I ran into a Battlefield dad (child just graduated in June) who was already volunteering at Patriot in service to his younger child.  He was enthusiastically selling Patriot wear at the school’s ribbon cutting event. 

Then last night I had the pleasure of meeting the new Piney Branch Elementary PTSO.  This dedicated group of parents is already in full swing with activities for their new student body.  They were busy planning their first fundraiser, a healthy event involving running laps for cash.  I recognized familiar faces from Buckland Mills, Ellis and Glenkirk’s PTO groups.  The volunteers at T. Clay Wood ES have created a dynamic collaborative for their new school from 4 former PTO groups that were out in full force at their ribbon cutting.  Everyone bought good ideas from their former school.

It takes a tremendous amount of organization to put together a booster or PTO group from scratch.  Then it takes more hard work to make sure that group smoothly transitions parents cycling in and out as their children enter and exit the school (Stonewall Jackson is an example of one of those well oiled booster machines and I am continually amazed by their fundraising that has withstood the test of time). 

Opening 3 new schools involves an army of people.  We all know about the school staff and construction crew working all summer.  But what some of you may not have realized is that a new school also takes this legion of parent volunteers…parents who will rotate the purple Bobcat or orange Tiger golf shirts to the back of the closet and buy new red and blue Pioneer sportswear…parents who give up part of their summer to organize new boy scout and girl scout troops, or to arrange PTO elections…parents who start up orchestra and band booster clubs.

I applaud this group of parents who are willing to step in early, taking the reins to make sure the new school students have the same support as the students of our existing schools. Thank you for everything you have done for PWCS students.  We could not do it without you!

And a big thank you to the many volunteers from all our different PTO and booster groups in the western end of the county who’ve put in long hours to make their school’s experience special.   Your efforts at helping these new schools get off the ground with a strong base is appreciated and the good example you’ve set is what makes the Brentsville District a great place to live and go to school.