Overcrowding/Moving up Middle and High Schools

Although we will be able to rid the Linton Hall corridor of over 50 trailers in the next year, we must be vigilant about continuing to address overcrowding and keep up with the growth in the Brentsville District.  I believe we must continue to push up the opening dates of new schools in the Linton Hall area while growth is still relatively slow. I will seek to move up both middle and high school opening dates in the Linton Hall corridor and keep planned additions, renovations and replacement schools on target.

I will continue to address the overcrowding issue with the Board of County Supervisors to make sure developers are held accountable for adequate school infrastructure costs and to push for proffers that include walk-able neighborhood school sites located within the boundaries of proposed development. I will continue to advocate for smaller classroom sizes and smaller schools where appropriate.  I will push for walk-able school sites, especially at the elementary school level.


As a result of conservative fiscal leadership PWCS was able to build new schools, avoid layoffs and maintain school performance and level of service during tight budget seasons.  As a School Board member I am charged with ensuring that our school system is a careful steward of taxpayer money.  I will continue to work with Board of County Supervisor counterparts to ensure school budgets stay in line with BOCS tax guidance.  I will continue to insist on budget accountability and encourage policies that focus spending money in the classroom.  I will also be a watchdog on spending that doesn’t directly benefit our students and teachers in the classroom.


I will continue to advocate for strong parent and teacher involvement in instructional and textbook choices.  I will ensure that Prince William County students are held to high standards and have a rigorous curriculum that goes above the SOL state standards.


I will continue to serve as a strong advocate for Parents and Students on the issues that affect the education of our children.