In The News

Repeal of Kings Dominion Law

Virginia General Assembly debates repeal of “King’s Dominion Law” which mandates the start date of school systems as the day after Labor Day.

Another New Elementary in Bristow Moved Up

School staff meets with community about new elementary site for proposed Devlin Rd. school.  This project is the 3rd Bristow area school to be moved up in the CIP (to 2014) and is example of Gil Trenum’s commitment to solving the overcrowding problem in the western end.

Sean Cutsforth Field
Gil issues proclamation for the dedication of the baseball field at Brentsville District High School in honor of Sean Cutsforth’s sacrifice and service to our country. The baseball field will now be called the Sean Cutsforth Field.

Concussion Policy
Prince William County Schools passes a new concussion management policy spearheaded by Gil Trenum. This new policy ensures that the schools are protecting our student athletes and providing cognitive support.

The School Board addresses the overcrowding problem in Prince William County by moving up opening dates of schools in the Linton Hall corridor.

Grading Scale
The School Board changes the grading scale to a 10 point scale at the direction of Gil Trenum. The new grading scale will match the grading scale of surrounding counties and ensure that students are highly competitive in the Virginia college admissions process.

Math Investigations
The Prince William County School Board passes a blended instruction math curriculum in response to parent’s concerns.