When I was campaigning for school board in 2007, I promised to focus on school overcrowding, budget challenges and advocating for teachers in the classroom.  During my first term, I was successful at pursuing initiatives in all three areas which were supported by my fellow board members.


  • During  my term PWCS has opened two new replacement schools (Yorkshire ES and Triangle ES) and opened  four new schools, two of which at my urging were moved up:  Patriot HS(opening in Fall 2011, moved up from 2012); Piney Branch ES (opening  Fall 2011, moved up from 2012); T. Clay Wood ES ( Fall 2011);  Fitzgerald  ES(2008)
  • The opening of the new Ronald Reagan MS is on track for Fall 2012 and I was recently successful in accelerating the opening date of the new Devlin Rd. Elementary School to 2014.
  • I led the call for new transparency procedures to notify parents and neighboring citizens when changes such as adding trailers or new building construction would occur.  I also pushed for informational meetings on such changes for both parents and citizens.
  • I  was a strong advocate for specifically addressing the Board of County Supervisors on what impact new development will have on the schools in the affected area.  This effort led to the Board of Supervisors finally committing to their own “School Overcrowding Policy.”
  • I initiated better long term planning in response to overcrowding by moving up dates of new schools in the CIP

Budget Decisions

  • I took the lead on several budget initiatives that effectively and efficiently support teachers and students in the classroom.  I created an innovative approach to school budgeting during tight budget times by advancing a policy that allowed schools to keep all the savings they could identify and roll it over to the next school year instead of remitting it back to central office, encouraging principals to find savings of their own.
  • I was a leader on reducing administrative costs and insisted on budget accountability, including hiring an internal auditor to review school system expenses.
  • My fiscal oversight led to beneficial decisions such as being able to avoid layoffs,  keep specialty program bussing, keep middle school sports and providing for salary increases even in tight budget times.


  • I spearheaded efforts to ensure parents and teachers had a say in the philosophy and approach used for mathematics instruction at the elementary school level.  As a result a new balanced approach to mathematics was passed.  I will continue to lead on the math curriculum issue.
  • I have worked with fellow Board members to ensure that the new Governor’s School @Innovation is focused on providing a rigorous Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum for eligible Prince William County students.


  • I believe I have been a strong advocate for parents, students and teachers on numerous issues.
  • I successfully advocated a grading scale change to ensure Prince William County students are highly competitive in college admissions.
  • I proposed and worked with state legislators on the “Cambridge Bill” to guarantee the county’s Cambridge students the same treatment for college credits as International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement students at Virginia state universities.
  • I authored the new Concussion Management Policy addressing student athlete safety in regards to traumatic brain injuries which passed in Spring 2011.  This new policy has made Prince William County Schools a leader in Concussion Policy addressing student athlete safety in regards to traumatic brain injuries.